how can i pass my jamb exam

how can i pass my jamb exam

Platform Independence is one of the core feature of JAVA.

We recognized that java is much readable because when we start writing and maintaining bigger applications or programs in java we found it is easy and much readable as compared to other languages.

Nobody can access or change your code, since the variables are constants in the class. In Java, items with the final modifier cannot be changed. Final class supports the final classes, final methods and the final variables. � A final class does not expand by sub class. � A final variable does not reallocated another type. � Overridden is not possible in the final method.

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The processes performed on MATLAB are easily transformed into other formats, hence this renders MATLAB research is well-documented.


MATLAB speed is not faster than R. R speed is not faster than Python. Python speed is much high than R and MATLAB. MATLAB is used in many applications which include voice recognition, image processing, and many more. R is only used in statistical analysis. Python is the same used as MATLAB but its major application or basic use is in web designing or programming. MATLAB is easy to use than R and Python. R is slightly difficult for understanding and writing a code than MATLAB and Python. Python is less difficult than R and MATLAB. MATLAB has various functions library. Same as MATLAB R also have a wide range of libraries.

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In this case we have to implement the try block to avoid the termination of the code program.

It has two main purposes which is to sanction Java programs to be executed taking place to operating system to maintains and enhance memory. The foremost motive aimed at this exclusion is not pointlessly restrain executions. It is a runtime engine based on application. It runs the code line by line process. JRE, JDK is a part of JVM. It has the responsibility to compile the class file. JVM only understand the list of instructions also JVM is known as virtual CPU. Bytecode are generated with the help of JVM. Only the JVM is understandable the bytecode. After java, the programmer manages all the program memory. Garbage collection process through a memory through JVM.

� . class file or the java code is the compiler of java, not the machine native code. � This interpreter is known as JVM, so we can say that byte code is executed by the JVM. JVM is platform independent also java is platform independent why?The main point of Java is JVM depend on the OS. If you have another operating system like Mac OS X so you have a different JVM for run the java program. When you are try to download the JVM, JVM generates the list of other OS and you will picked which JVM is suitable for your operating system.

Java virtual machine is composed in the platforms top listed essentially conceptualizing.

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Sub Class:On the other hand subclasses contains a different file which is in another package having the additional methods of their parent class.

In 1995, Java was created and now Oracle is the owner of it.

C++ runs on the machine code also C++ is reflected an intermediate-level programming language, as it forms upon the low-level C programming but has more progressive skills.

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In representativeness translators are slow consequently the machine uses a complex algorithm to give the output quickly.

To sum up, the gap between both the software is the applications and functionalities provided.

The static binding identify the overloaded functions from the object of the class in which it is created and call that function of parent class with the help of constructor of that method. Dynamic Binding: This binding identify the type of object at runtime is called late binding or dynamic binding. This is due to same instance initialization so therefore compiler does not identify it type but only identify that it base type. Among the examples for dynamic binding overriding is the best. For these types of bindings the method of parent class must not be static or private type in the code. During the compilation time, the compiler reference the variable but not to its object type. These are by default virtual methods. 15- What is an Interface? It is similar with the classes in OOP which have some variables, methods and these methods are by default abstract means it is signature of method without the implementation of this method. Interface should be declare with using of keyword interface. To provide abstraction totally. The field of these interface are static, public and final by default.

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